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Endless possibilities, diverse outlooks. Build your career at COMO

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Embed a single banking platform in your platform

Fintechs, PSPs and EMIs

Create your own digital banking products quickly

Fiduciaries, funds, and wealth managers

Deliver advanced digital financial functionality to your clients

Independent professionals

Help your customers, grow your business

Large enterprises

Manage complex structures, high volumes, and speed

Small and medium-sized enterprises

Supercharge your growth with digital banking

Business / Corporate Account 

All your business transactions from one single account

Multi-currency Account

Send, receive and manage your global funds from one account with 24+ currencies​

Master Account

To mirror your business structure, and manage your client funds in one place



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Grow your business.

As an entrepreneur, you know best that each client is different. So does COMO. Our banking solutions will meet your needs, readying you for a digital future, and putting you ahead of your competitors. So you can focus on growing your business.​


Independent professionals

Self-employed professionals and those in regulated professions need to navigate a competitive business landscape - all by themselves. Tailor-made services from providers are essential, yet the agility of existing banking solutions often falls short. That's exactly where COMO can help!​

Whatever your needs... COMO has the solution for you.

Products for you

Current Account

All your business transactions from one single account.

Multi-currency IBAN Account

Send, receive and manage your global funds from one account with 24+ currencies

Receive & send payments

Domestic and international transfers using the SWIFT & SEPA networks

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